Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Why Use Indengco?

The Temporary Help You Need

We provide leveraged resources on a temporary basis so that your own employees can deal with the daily needs of your operation. Basically, we are brought in to execute a given project, and once we are done, we leave. You only pay us when services are needed versus having to pay a full-time staff for project work that is not consistent.

We Use a Network of Professionals

Our professional networking and resource contacts are extensive, and we rely on them to do the best job for you. We have the ability to pull from many outside contractors and resources to assist us with projects of all sizes.

When selecting the right contractor, the unique identifier for our client is the depth and the size of our team. We are able to execute larger scale projects, more efficiently and more cost effectively with dedicated resources. Once we assign a person as a dedicated resource to a project, that person is there until completion.

Total Cost of Ownership Engineering

We engineer solutions with a Total Cost of Ownership philosophy. Helping to educate our clients to recognize the difference between a purchase price today versus the total cost of the solution for the life of the solution is critical. What is Total Cost of Ownership? It is the initial price of the equipment, the cost to install/implement the equipment, the overall operating expenses and overall maintenance expense for the life of the equipment. Only when you analyze all factors can you choose the optimal solution.

By conducting our engineering consultations in this manner it allows our client to choose the best overall solution for their needs. By applying the right solution today, we can help position our clients for their future needs while lowering their Total Cost of Ownership.

Project Scope Determines Cost

Cost is typically dependent on the scope of the client’s project. After the initial consultation, the client will engage with us in a brief fee based consulting engagement. During the engagement, we develop the project scope and a preliminary execution plan. As part of the engagement, we seek bids from multiple contractors to handle the broader aspects of the project and provide the client with a completed scope document outlining the project scope, goals, action plan, and preliminary bids for work to be completed. This document then becomes the blueprint for executing the project.